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Prairie Skies offers innovative and learning-based approaches for raising and training dogs and puppies, providing effective discipline, and creating healthier, happier families. Prairie Skies fosters an active and interactive team process between the owner, dog, and trainer. We can help you learn and practice new skills, identify practical techniques and strategies, and use common sense, hands-on approaches. Our goal: measurable, transparent results.


Challenging dog or puppy? Our classes and programs work to create effective, caring communication, establish clear boundaries and fair consequences, and support healthy dogs, healthy families and communities.




About Our Trainer




"I believe that while dogs do come prepared to live companionably with us in our homes and communities, it is up to us to teach our dogs what our expectations are, and to do so using balanced methods that produce results. Doing so requires practice, care, patience, love, commitment, and, most certainly, a sense of humor."




- Jill Morstad

Our Philosophy


"There are three kinds of people; Disinterested, Interested and Passionate. What is the difference? A Disinterested person will do something only if you make him to do it. An Interested person will do something as long as it is pleasant, fun or easy to do. The Passionate will do something when it is inconvenient, painful, expensive and requires sacrifice. If you have passion for something you have a great advantage over anyone that is Interested. The Interested will quit before reaching the 5%. The Passionate will climb through the clouds to reach the summit. To them it is not work, it's joy."


Jill Morstad PhD  has been teaching people to train their dogs since 1985—offering classes through local and regional dog clubs, in private settings, and for animal shelters and veterinary clinics.


A professional educator with a broad background and experience in the dynamics of human-to-canine (and canine-to-human) communication, she frequently provides behavior advice and instruction for dog owners, children and families in the interest of public health and community service.

- Lanny Bassham

Photographs are courtesy of Kate Brooke