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At Prairie Skies, we've accomplished a lot since our inception, but our greatest accomplishment speaks for itself: happy and confident owners who demonstrate that their best friend is better-behaved, better- trained and a pleasure to own and live with.


Nothing says more about our services than the results they reveal.

We take pride in our work and it shows in the dogs that we train!

Client Testimonials

I used to be a person who relied on equipment.  After taking your KMODT class I now know reliance on equipment is not needed.  Reliance on equipment would have been a mess for me tonight working with Zeo.  We were just finishing our training session and as we were walking into the garage some bicyclists were coming down the street.  Zeo and bikes have been a bad combination.  He lunges, barks and acts crazy.  We have been working on this distraction and he can be around bikes as long as they are not too close.  He stops and looks at them more than I would like so we have been working on that too.  Tonight was no different so I gave him a pop on the collar and low and behold the collar broke!  He was off leash but all I did was tap my leg and said Zeo right here.  He followed me in heel position all the way into the garage with not even another look at the bicycles.  


Now, if that would have happened before our KMODT class I would have panicked and sure as I type this Zeo would have been running down the driveway at them.  Thankfully, you gave me the tools (tools of leadership not equipment) to be confident in that situation.  







- Marcy and Zeo



AKC Puppy Training Old Dog Training

Brady and Marjorie

August 2011




Shiloh (mixed breed)

September 2010




Competition Dogs

We work with our students to develop five basic exercises (heel, sit, down, stay, come) into life skills and use them everyday to live with their dogs successfully.  When those behaviors are trained, proofed and well-established, you can call on your dog to perform them in problem situations, and then the dog problem becomes a dog success  .


A trained dog has real advantages:

• He knows how to learn.  Many dogs have no idea how to learn what people want.

• Obedience training provides the skills that allow you to partner with your dog successfully in nearly every situation.

• Obedience training builds the relationship between you and your dog and enhances your leadership skills

•  Obedience training teaches your dog to think and make good decisions.

•  Many common dog problems often disappear or become significantly less frequent as obedience improves.

•  Obedience training calms the anxious dog, because there’s less pressure on him and he’s not confused about what he’s expected to do



How to go from the kitchen to the competition ring?

One owner/trainer said it this way:


"I started trialing my first dog because it looked like something any pet should be able to achieve. A group of us with dogs from the same breeder who had gone through the classes she included in the

price of the dog all decided we would put Companion Dog titles on our dogs.  After all, the skill set was the same as what we'd been learning in class:  Sit, down, stand, stay, heel and come...  both on and off leash.  

Really, every dog who lives in someone's home (and is truly their companion dog) should be able to do those things, shouldn't



Perhaps the title "Companion Dog" doesn't matter to every dog owner. But a dog who heels off leash under distraction, comes the first time you call him, accepts handling by a respectful stranger, and remains in a sit or down stay for more than five seconds is exactly what almost every dog owner who contacts us dreams of having. Once they accomplish it in our basic level programs, some want more.


The first objective is to "win" every day in the trial of Real Life; to win at the obedience trial is simply more proof of partnership with the dog preserved forever via a title, a ribbon, and a judge's sincere compliment.



Prairie Skies is proud to have trained and coached dogs to the following AKC titles:


Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Beginner Novice (BN)

Companion Dog (CD)

Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)

Utility Dog (UD)

Utility Dog Excellent (UDX)

Tracking Dog (TD)

Obedience Trial Championship (OTCh)







As a first time dog owner with a big dog (Lab/Chow Mix), your openness and willingness to help us navigate the happiest dog in the world has been invaluable.  You always take the time to respond with your straight forward style that does nothing other than make us better doggy parents.  I appreciate all you have done for us and would not hesitate to come back next time we get a dog!








- Scott M.



Every day we comment about how much we enjoy having a well-trained dog.  At 11 1/2 years old, we continue to reinforce in Mysti those skills that we learned in Jill's classes.  And because of Jill's classes, we have the best trained dog we have ever had.  It makes for a joyous relationship.






- Gale and Mysti



Before working with Jill, Harley and I coexisted under the same roof mainly interacting by going for walks and me feeding him.  Jill has taught me how dogs learn.  I'm now able to communicate with Harley in a way that he understands.  It's really cool to see the light bulb go off in his eyes when he is pleased that he knows what


I want him to do.  He enjoys learning and I enjoy teaching him!  It has

changed our relationship into something far bigger than food and walks.






- Jan and Harley D.



Jill's classes are insightful, precise & fun!  Her direction and encouragement tripled our progress toward reaching our goal of becoming a certified Therapy Dog Team.  Bernice recently achieved her AKC Therapy Dog Title.





- Judy



Therapy Dog Training