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Discover discipline that you never thought was possible. Call us today for more information.



Owning and training a dog is an active, evolving, and sometimes challenging process. Practice, support and experience can help to increase our abilities to meet those challenges the way we want to—in creative, positive, fair, and effective ways that make every dog a pleasure to own and live with.

With training, your dog can happily learn to:

Tolerate other dogs & people

Sit and lie down on command

Come when called

Permit handling & grooming

Be safe around children

Stop biting & chewing

Be quiet on command

Walk politely on a loose leash

Dog training should meet standards and measurable criteria. It should hold up in the presence of ordinary environmental distractions including other dogs and people of all kinds, kids on bikes, skateboards, etc. It takes a skilled instructor to teach owners how to train to specific criteria and those instructors can be hard to find.


At Prairie Skies, our approach to training will enable you to establish and meet criteria and produce transparent results, where anyone who is watching can see that the dog is calmly, confidently, quietly and instantly responsive to you under all situations.


Would you like more information regarding our courses? Do you have questions regarding private training? Are you a veterinary clinic that would be interested in receiving a consultation?

Give us a call at the number below or send us an email via the form to the right!


(402) 430-4668




Dr. Jill Morstad PhD

Jill Morstad has been teaching people to train their dogs since 1985—offering classes through local and regional dog clubs, in private settings, and for animal shelters and veterinary clinics.


A professional educator with a broad background and experience in the dynamics of human-to-canine (and canine-to-human) communication, she frequently provides behavior advice and instruction for dog owners, children and families in the interest of public health and community service.

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