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The key to a good dog is being proactive. Through our personalized training services, we have the time and expertise to focus on keeping your dog working with you and out of trouble, rather than dealing with problems after their onset. '


Our goal is to help you and your dog have fun and achieve real results: the maximum benefits of dog ownership and quality of life for you both.


Our classes, workshops and one-on-one services give you more control, greater access and more attentive treatment when needed. Our dog owners and families receive the information they desire in a setting that focuses on professionalism and the client experience.


For the dogs, training is about having fun and building a bond of trust and reciprocity. For owners, it's about methods, techniques and approaches that are user-friendly, understandable and ethical.


For us, obedience training is about results. 



Jill Morstad has been teaching people to train their dogs since 1985—offering classes through local and regional dog clubs, in private settings, and for animal shelters and veterinary clinics.


A professional educator with a broad background and experience in the dynamics of human-to-canine (and canine-to-human) communication, she frequently provides behavior advice and instruction for dog owners, children and families in the interest of public health and community service.


Kindergarten Puppy Training (KPT)

Kindergarten Puppy Training (KPT) is available year-round, and offered in collaboration with our veterinary partners at Antelope Creek Veterinary Health Care Center, and Yankee Hill Veterinary Hospital.


AKC Obedience Classes

Each fall and spring semester, PK9 partners with the UNL Companion Animal Program Department of Animal Science to offer a community-based obedience class, either an AKC Canine Good Citizen or an AKC Beginner Novice class. 


Prairie K-9 Summer School

Starting each May and running through mid-August, we offer a full slate of summer classes including a something just for Adolescent dogs ages 8-18 months, a tracking class and the popular boot-camp that will have your dog working reliably off-leash in ten weeks. 


Private Training

Classes won't work with your schedule? I am available for private lessons; we'll work one-on-one in your home or another site by mutual agreement. Contact me for more information about private training.





There are twenty-eight accredited schools in the country that teach people how to be veterinarians, but not a single one for teaching dogs and their owners how to be your best-behaved clients.


Prairie Skies has offered continuing education workshops and seminars for veterinary clinics, schools, hospitals and medical professionals aimed at how people interact with their families, their kids and their pets; we have helped apartment complexes and senior living centers to provide dog training on-site as well as facilitating the design and implementation of resident co-ops to set and enforce pet policies and we specialize in client communications and client education.


Would you like more information regarding our courses? Do you have questions regarding private training? Are you a veterinary clinic that would be interested in receiving a consultation?

Give us a call at the number below or send us an email via the form to the right!


(402) 430-4668

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Thanks for reaching out! We will respond as soon as we can. Have a great day!

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